How to Deal with Anxiety in The Best Way Possible !

In today’s world of rush and run, the more we are inventing new ways towards a simpler life, the more our minds are being captured with anxiety, stress, and tension. Anxiety is a common problem, and all of us go through this mental state at many points of our life. But there is a difference between harmful or chronic anxiety and the simple pressure on your brain before a job interview. Chronic or harmful anxiety needs to be addressed in the best way possible. Chronic stress can lead to mental disorders, inability to think properly, rationalise the situation and can become a constant reason for discomfort.

But there is a solution to every problem. You just need to believe in yourself and have the willpower to make things in shape again. Anxiety has a broad spectrum, and a troubled mind is the indication of a powerful and healthy brain. When dealing with anxiety, you can turn things your way using the high ability of your mind to rationalise, outrun and pose logical reasons of everything.

Unexpected Bad Events in Life can be the Real Cause of Chronic Anxiety

I have carefully observed my friend, Amy, dealing with the chronic condition of anxiety, stress and immense strain. Life is not easy for all of us, and Amy had to go through some tough times in her life. Within 3 to 4 months of her life, she had experienced the worst of everything. She had a very intimate relationship with her boyfriend for more than seven years, who died in a car accident. She suffered from extreme depression, became addicted to painkillers, and remain lethargic. While going through this, Amy was diagnosed with Grave’s disease. Going through such disastrous condition, she even contemplated suicide. With intensive medical and psychological care, I’ve seen her building herself back to the normal life and defeating anxiety with self-confidence, calm and care.

How to Fight Against Anxiety



Amy had gone through many simple techniques through which you can overcome your stress and anxiety. You can use your anxious mind in both positive and negative ways. You are the only person who can manage your thoughts. Here are some of the simple, yet practical and beneficial ways to do that,

  • Let your mind think whatever it wants to think. Do not try to take over your mind. Make a film of all the worst situations happened in your life, see it and observe it. Disconnect your imagination from yourself and watch it like a show.

  • Make peace with what you got in hand. Whenever you over think on worst scenarios of your life, you feel panicked, and every cord of your muscle get tensed, like in an emergency situation or when you are in a hurry. Don’t panic as every feeling is temporary. Imagine yourself after a month, where will you be? What will you be doing? This time will eventually pass, just make peace with this it.

  • Talk it through and do not hold back your worst memories concise within yourself. Let them flow. Talk to someone and spend more and more time with your friends rather than being closed in your room.

  • Do anxiety-relieving and deep breathing exercises. Spend more relaxed time with yourself in a fresh and cool environment. Regular yoga can be a real help in treating both usual and chronic anxiety disorders. Stay quiet, focused, and calm for some time. Body stretching will calm your thoughts and clear your mind.

  • Do something you are good at or interests you the most. Listen to some relaxing music, read interesting books or cook something. Keeping your mind active will surely keep you away from stressors.

  • Writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper will reveal the actual disturbing cause of your anxiety. Or write everything in the form of a story and then trash it out. You will feel better and relaxed.

  • Sit back in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now invite all the disturbing and negative thoughts to your mind. Hold this emotion do not let your mind over think on it. Just sit hand in hand with your feelings. With self-confidence let it stay with you. And then watch it transform and heal itself.

7 Benefits of Making Regular Visits to Your Doctor

In this day and time, having a regular doctor is the preferred option. It has been proven that for good healthcare to exist, there should be robust primary health care supported by advanced specialised care. In the present day, most of the doctors are able to provide this specialised care.

Beyond this, primary care or visiting your doctor on a regular basis can prove to be cost effective in the long run.

So, what are the other benefits of visiting your doctor on a regular basis?

1. Creating a medical record

Image of medical record on tablet

Medical records are quite vital in the case of emergencies. By keeping an up to date health record with your doctor, any affiliated doctor or hospital will know how best to tend to you in the case of an emergency. After all, no one plans for loss of consciousness or a car accident.

They provide, your history. Your prior care, diagnoses, allergies, status and eventually the medical staff can formulate a treatment plan for you.

2. Better Health maintenance

Most people make regular visits to the dentist for an examination or cleaning; a visit to the doctor should be seen in the same light. Regular health check-ups are similar to changing the oil in a car or getting a tune-up. Furthermore, why should you take better care of your vehicle than you do for yourself?

Not to be the bearer of bad news but some of us can have underlying problems that we cannot identify in the early stages. Therefore regular visits would result in the early identification and treatment diseases. This could prevent the advance of terminal illnesses like cancer.

Beyond that, you can keep up with vaccinations, for you and your whole family. By so doing you are safe from serious diseases and even provide herd immunity for those in the society who cannot be immunised.

3. Establishing a relationship with your physician

Image of a doctor meeting a patient

This is a fundamental and near sacred part of medicine. The patient-doctor relationship is built on continuous doctor-patient interactions. With continuous visits to your doctor, you build a relationship over time, develop trust and eventually you can confide in your doctor totally.

This level of trust and relationship will ensure that all your needs are met. Say your doctor knows you despise modern medicine or you are not a fan of surgery. With this information, he will do everything to find alternative methods of treatment for you.

With a well-established relationship, you can confide your darkest, near embarrassing medical secrets and be sure of confidentiality.

4. Prevention, prevention, and again I say prevention.

It sounds like I am repeating myself right? Well good. Without a doubt, an hour or maybe two in your doctor’s office can add more than a fair share of health into your life.

The simple suggestions that they make, e.g. encouraging you to exercise, change your diet or maybe an overhaul of your lifestyle can add you several years. These suggestions and diagnoses can prevent you from developing lifestyle diseases.

5. Numbers

In medicine, numbers are everything. From blood pressure, your body mass index, your body fat content, height and weight, etc. These numbers can tell a lot about your health status.

By constantly visiting your doctor you can keep track of your health by checking your numbers. If your BMI increases, then it is about time you started exercising or change your diet. Keeping track of these figures can also help you identify any arising health issues and kerb them in their early stages.

These are some of the few advantages of regularly visiting your doctor. More to this is the advantage you can accrue by having him within close proximity. Preferably in your neighbourhood.

6. Local Knowledge

Image of a local community

Local doctors have the local knowledge of your area. They know which areas are hazardous to visit, the best pharmacies in the area or even the best grocery to buy safe and healthy food. A local doctor also will tailor his treatments to means you can meet and that are available in the area. Let’s say he’/she suggests a morning run, to keep fit; they can help come up with the route or exercise routine within that area that yields maximum results. For example, doctors at Moreland Medical Centre, have had a success record in taking care of their patients for so long that it has become the most trusted medical centre in Moreland city council area.

7. House calls

Your kid, spouse or house help has fallen sick and is bed ridden, and the hospital is some few kilometres away. What do you do?
This is why doctors within your area are imperative. They are available 24/7 and can make house calls at any time of the day or night. The fact that they can handle a wide array of illnesses means they are best suited to handle these kinds of emergencies. They can diagnose, stabilise the patient, and then refer you to the nearest specialist.

8. Safeguarding the vulnerable

A doctor is crucial for general societal health and to safeguard the vulnerable children and adults. Maybe one has a weak immune system, or a child has fallen fatally ill in the dead of the night. A local doctor is best suited to handle these cases.

This is because he is easily available and trusted by the patient and can take prompt action to prevent loss of life. The doctor can ensure all persons are immunised to provide herd immunity for those who cannot be immunised for one reason or another.

Local doctors are a great fit for a society and you being part of the society will benefit. They help manage chronic diseases and can take care of persons from birth through childhood all the way until they are adults. Beyond that, they can implement preventive incentives, being involved in decisions about of upgrading of equipment and facilities so that they best meet the requirements of the society.

As you can see, doctors are invaluable to your health and that of your loved ones. Making regular visits to the local doctor will help improve and ensure a healthy life.