Anne Button – Melbourne Astrologer

Anne is a Melbourne Astrologer who has been practising as a personal Astrology and Tarot consultant, lecturer, educator and counsellor for over 20 years. She has an exceptional ability to combine the finer techniques of Astrology and Tarot to provide great insight and depth to her work.

Anne specialises in personal issues – in-depth interpretation, career, relationships, children, family and locational astrology. She is an office bearer and active member of the Association of Professional Astrologers and a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Anne began her career as a teacher. She then went on to study and practise Yoga in which modality she qualified as a teacher with the International Yoga Teachers’ Association. Anne then studied Astrology and Tarot in great depth, becoming fully qualified in these fields. She became a teacher of both Astrology and Tarot.

Anne is a very friendly and down-to-earth person. She is a person of integrity and insight who always strives to help people to solve their problems and move on to a better future.


Anne Button

44 Eden Valley Road
Warranwood, Vic 3134
(Melways: 36 D7) – Ringwood area – Eastlink

Tel: (03) 9876 7845

There's much more to Astrology than what you read in newspapers, articles and magazines.

A real astrologer works with an accurate birth time and birth place (when available). The story one's own accurate horoscope tells is helpful in many ways. The art of Astrology reveals our innermost character, our past, our strengths and challenges. True time-based Astrology offers a guiding light at times when we are at a crossroad, whilst also acknowledging our own free will. It helps us make considered choices and is empowering.

Tarot Guild of Australia

Tarot Guild of Australia

2016 FAA Astrology Conference

2016 FAA Astrology Conference